The Process

The violin and its family are one of the greatest achievements of human genius in the Renaissance. It is known for a fact that the development of music made a strong leap forward, following the birth of the four stringed instruments. Thanks to their exceptional sound and timbre qualities, music left the intimacy of home music making and went to the big concert halls.

The violin has two sides, on one hand the shape, its material body - the visual side of the instrument and on the other the sound - its abstract soul.

With its aesthetic qualities, refined and elegant outline, colorful varnish and grace, it is a real work of art. As far as construction is concerned, the instrument is a miniature structural and architectural design, which has to resonate.

The sound of the instrument is a phenomenon in itself, which unites the talents of the violin maker, the composer and the performer and presents their art to the public. There are three determining factors: the material with its highly constructive, acoustic and aesthetic particularities, the violin maker building its gentle body and leaving a part of his soul in it and the virtuoso - musician who by touching the strings with his bow is bringing the instrument to live. For the good sound the material has a leading role, the seasoned and high quality wood, resonating clearly and freely, ensures better acoustics.

To build an instrument with a rich sound and timbre, the violin maker must be an excellent professional. Apart from the unerring hand of the master, the careful eye of the artist and the delicate ear of the musician, he must have the unique flair for the pulse of the material which spiritualizes his creation.

The excellent instrument made by his creator is like a newborn child which has inherited the talents of his gifted father. Caressed by the tender hands of a loving musician the sound ripens in it. For reaching outstanding results, instrument and performer should have perfect equilibrium, blending on stage in one harmonic entity. In the hands of a genius the violin reaches the peak of its fame.

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